Below is a sample of presentation topics for which I am available at conferences, online or offline. The content is practical and educational. The style is motivating and inspiring. For more info, contact: Akin – at –

Topic 1: Integrate Online and Offline to Fuel Interactive Marketing
A treasure chest of opportunity has been left buried waiting to be opened up now. Namely, online and direct marketing teams have traditionally worked separately from each other. Yet, in the hands of customer-centric marketers, the online channel can deliver a powerful source of individualized insights that enables companies to deeply personalize their communications and interactions. Not just online, but also across all offline channels. At Marketing Day in Brussels, 2009
Learning Points:

  1. Two ways of using web analytics: aggregate and individual level
  2. Business ideas and results from companies that have connected click and customer analytics
  3. How to apply cross-channel insights at each stage of the customer lifecycle

Length: From 40 to 80 minutes depending on agenda details

Topic 2: Analytics for Social Media Marketing and Social CRM
While most companies are still busy figuring out how to use conventional CRM, a new and parallel form of CRM has recently raised its head: Social CRM. Namely, marketers can use social media in more granular ways than just to treat them as a novel PR megaphone or a giant focus group. By leveraging analytics at the level of individual contacts and using avenues for two-way communication, marketers can gain an additional arsenal of methods for growing customer lifetime value over time.Learning Points:

  1. Standard and “CRM level” ways of using social media for growing revenues
  2. How to connect Social and regular CRM through analytics.
  3. How to measure performance towards goals

Length: 40 – 60 minutes

Topic 3: Predictive and Event-Based Analytics for Growing Revenues
Predictive and event-based customer analytics can enable companies to discover opportunities for growing business that neither slicing nor dicing can tickle out of the data warehouse, in retrospect fashion. The focus is to move analytics onto the front lines for providing proactive, forward-looking guidance.Too many companies ignore these analytics for fear that they would have to have a statistician in a white coat before they could dare to tap their toes into this water. Therefore, this presentation emphasizes straight forward yet predictive analytical techniques that anybody can understand. 

Learning Points:

  1. How to effectively use predictive and event-based marketing
  2. How analytics can make campaigns more focused and cost-effective
  3. Top 5 best practices for implementing straight forward, predictive and event-based analytics

Length: 40 – 60 minutes


Speaking engagements since the launch of the book in Spring 2008 have included the following:

  • Sep 2013: Sponsored keynote at Interactive Marketing Summit, Istanbul
  • March 2012: Sponsored keynote at eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
  • November 2011: Keynote at EBG Social & Mobile in Paris
  • June 2010: Webcast with National Instruments’ Deirdre Walsh on social media analytics
  • May 2010: Istanbul, Turkey – 1 to 1 marketing for 2010
  • May 2010: Opening and closing keynotes at Practitioner Web Analytics, Madrid, Spain
  • April 2010: BrightTalk web seminar on 5 steps to increase ROI from SEM
  • March 2010: Frankfurt, workshop – Kundendialoge online und offline
  • Feb 2010: Webcast with Marcel Media’s Kristin Philbin on top changes to SEM in 2010
  • Dec 2009: Webcast with Elsevier’s Angie Brown on web analytics for driving the whole business
  • Nov 2009: Driving Interactive Marketing via Mobile Analytics – a DMA virtual seminar
  • Oct 2009: eMarketing, Atlanta on Online-Offline integration
  • Oct 2009: DMA, San Diego: Predictive and Event Based Analytics
  • Sep 2009 Marketing Sherpa B2B Summit in San Fran.
  • Aug 2009: Radio interview with RSSRay on PPC analytics basics
  • July 2009: OMMA Metrics & Measurement, San Francisco, Campaign Attribution Panel
  • July 2009: Webcast with National Instruments on capturing the Essence of a visit.
  • Apr 2009: CRM World, Frankfurt, presentation on online and offline integration
  • May 2009: Webcast with Kevin Hillstrom and Jim Novo on Online and Offline marketing methods
  • Apr 2009: Canada Marketing Association, Toronto, presentation on online and offline integration
  • Mar 2009: Marketing Day, Brussels, Keynote on online and offline integration
  • Mar 2009: Web Analytics Wednesday London and Paris presentations on online and offline integration
  • Feb 2009: Webcast with Apogee Search:on optimizing Pay-Per-Click Spend & Getting More Out of Online Lead Generation Investment
  • Feb 2009: Web Analytics Wednesday Philadelphia presentation on multichannel metrics
  • Feb 2009: Webcast with Josh Manion and Bryan Eisenberg on Testing, Testing, Testing. Anybody can test. So why don’t you?
  • Dec 2008: Webcast with Gary Angel and Anil Batra on Do’s & Don’ts for Behavioral Segmentation, Targeting & Interactive Marketing
  • Oct 2008: Webcast with American Marketing Association on multichannel marketing
  • Oct 2008: Webcast with Business Summits on web analytics across online and offline
  • Oct 2008: Panel on Web 2.0 measurement
  • Sep 2008: Webcast with Jupiter Research, The Hartford, and Coastal Contacts on web analytics in small and large enterprises
  • July 2008: SMX Seattle: Panel on advanced pay-per-click marketing
  • May 2008: Conference Board, NYC, presentation on Multichannel Marketing
  • May 2008: Launch Webcast for the Multichannel Marketing metrics book

Contact: Akin – at –