Below are two workshop agendas for which I can be available as workshop leader. For more information, contact: Akin – at –

Workshop 1: Web Analytics and Online Marketing Optimization
In the hands of those who know how to use them, web analytics are a mission critical, competitive weapon for improving business results. Leading users of web analytics have improved their company’s online success rates by hundreds, sometimes thousands of percentage points.

Yet, too often companies approach analytics incorrectly; they drown in too many reports yet neglect true analysis. They leave money on the table by focusing only on a subset of the value that analytics offer.

This must-attend workshop teaches top-down approaches and best practices for getting web analytics right. We walk through the process of selecting key performance indicators, and determining key customer segments for your company’s success.

For novice attendees the workshop starts with online marketing and web analytics basics. We also cover how the field is evolving at the hand of innovative uses of analytics by leading practitioners.

Analytics are hands-on, and so in this workshop attendees should use their laptops to complete workshop exercises with real web site data. As a result, attendees will not just learn the theory of web analytics but get their hands dirty with real web site data.

  1. Online marketing overview
  2. Technical foundation of web analytics
  3. How web analytics have changed in the last few years
  4. Top reasons why web analytics projects fail and how to overcome them
  5. Competitive benchmarking
  6. What you should be measuring but aren’t
  7. Next-generation web analytics uses
2 days, class-room, group training and hands-on exercises

Workshop 2: Integrating Online and Offline to fuel Interactive Marketing
No longer can the offline remain separate from the online. Integrated, customer-centric, cross-channel marketing campaigns persuade customers to act, provide greater ROI and ultimately improve your organization’s bottom line.

This workshop synthesizes the successful methods and metrics that online, direct, and brand marketers have employed for years so that you can develop, implement, and measure successful cross-channel campaigns. The discussion will take you from customer acquisition to customer relationship management with strategic advice, effective case studies, and proven metrics.

To paraphrase the book’s foreword: this isn’t a workshop about the what, when, or why of multichannel marketing. This is a how-to workshop. And what a ‘how-to’ it is, too.

  1. Understanding the challenges and opportunities for today’s marketer
  2. Competing on Multichannel Analytics
  3. The Web Analyst Tackles Multichannel Metrics Online
  4. The Relationship Marketer Digs Into Multichannel Analytics
  5. Measure Lift Between Online and Offline
  6. Measure Individual Customer/Prospect Behavior Between Online and Offline
  7. Marketing Attribution Given Multi-Touch Conversions
  8. Attract and Acquire Customers
  9. Engage and Convert Customers
  10. Grow Lifetime Value

1 day, class-room, group training

For more information, contact: Akin – at –